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Training Puppies for ultimate temperaments


Jeff Manning has over 25 years experience with West German Shepherds. He grew up in a wild kingdom with a lot of freedom. He loved observing animal behavior, especially that of dogs. He imported his first German Shepherd when he was twenty, fulfilling a dream and starting a path. His deep love of the breed has turned into a passion and profession. He starting working for the the most successful German Shepherd importer/breeder in the USA, a relationship that lasts to this day. Jeff guided them to the ranking of number one breeder and kennel group in the USA. Jeff has been a dog trainer since he can remember. Training dogs is in Jeff's blood and comes naturally to him, an instinct.

Jeff met Jessica in the library at their university. Jeff graduated from Colorado Sate University with a Bachelors of science/ zoology. Jessica graduated with a bachelor of science with a concentration on genetics. Jessica took an immediate liking to Jeff because of his incredible dogs. When he gave her her first German Shepherd their fate was sealed. Jessica went on to train her dog "Caper" to be her personal service dog, rarely leaving her side. Jessica was a manager at two vet clinics for almost a decade, ending this carrier path when she became pregnant with twins. Jeff and Jessica moved to New York, Jeff's home state, and have been breeding world class puppies for over 15 years.

Our dogs are AKC registered German Shepherds. AKC registered kennel name Vom Sudenberg.  We focus on West German lines, Schutzhund lines, conformation lines. Our dogs are black and red markings with a traditional saddle. Our breeding stock are our pets. They live with us for life, they are part of our family. All of our dogs are standard coated dogs. However, some carry the gene for long coats, or long hair. When we do these breedings, we expect a few fuzzy little puppies to be born along with standard coated puppies. 

Why choose our puppies? Puppies are born in our home with our kids.  Our dogs are part of our family. They protect and snuggle our children. They help move our herd of dairy goats and protect our livestock including chickens, ducks, racing pigeons, and turkeys. With the busy lives of our children and our farm, our puppies are imprinted with amazing socialization. We are professional dog trainers, our puppies are raised with excellent temperaments. We have chosen healthy dogs from German kennels we trust. We breed a hardy, healthy, solid minded German Shepherd. Puppies are ready for homes with beginning potty training, deworming, and vaccinations. We do not text, to contact us either email or call.

German Shepherd Puppies for sale in and around Rochester New York, Finger lakes NY, Upstate New York, Western N.Y., Ithaca, Binghamton, Buffalo, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Utica, Albany, Canandaigua, Bath, Penn Yan, Cortland, Elmira. including Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Tri-State area.  Will ship or deliver for a fee.
Puppies for sale are family raised and socialized. Working, show, and service lines.
Schutzhund Line available with Guard dog handling class.

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