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If you have any questions about our Puppy Health Guarantee, please contact us at (585)554-4529.


Vom Sudenberg German Shepherds Guarantee and Sale Agreement Sire:____________________________________________________________ Dam:____________________________________________________________ Puppy DOB: ______________________ Sex: Male___Female___ Puppy Name:_____________________________________________________

 The health and temperament of this dog is excellent to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of sale. The required vaccinations and wormings are as indicated on the health record below, attached, or sent with the dog. We advise the buyer, however, to have the dog examined by licensed veterinarian of Buyers’ choice within 48 hours after receipt of the dog. Failure to see a veterinarian within 48 hours will void all guarantees. This means that we will take reasonable measures to ensure your puppy is healthy on Adoption Day. By accepting the puppy, you also accept the responsibilities of ownership. The following is the extent of our Health Guarantee.
It is the Buyer’s responsibility to have an appointment at your licensed veterinarian’s office for a well-check within 2 days of the purchase of your puppy. Contact Vom Sudenberg if your licensed veterinarian diagnoses any health issues at your puppy’s first well-check visit. If the puppy is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian to be suffering from a life-threatening or debilitating disease within the first 48 hours after pick-up or delivery, the dog must be immediately returned to us at the expense of  the Buyer  for a refund of the purchase price of the puppy or replacement of equal value if available, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. (Life-threatening/debilitating illness or disease does not include common puppy issues such as ear mites, giardia, worms, coccidia, etc.) If the puppy is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within this 48 hour period, the return/refund policy will be void.
If your puppy has an emergency health concern within the first 7 days please call us at (585)554-4529 immediately and we will help you make the decision on the best course of action for your puppy. 
Keep in mind we will not pay veterinary bills at any time for any reason. Vom Sudenberg is not responsible for non-medical expenses (e.g. food, kennels, toys, beds, carpets, cleaning), or other non-medical expenses such as personal time spent, or other animals affected by contact with the puppy.
It is the Buyer’s responsibility to protect the puppy from any contact with communicable diseases by not exposing it to public places and by keeping up to date on immunizations. Keeping your puppy away from public parks and beaches, etc., until the puppy has completed all immunizations (typically around 3-4 months of age).

It is common for puppies to experience stress when transitioning to their new home. This may lower their immune systems temporarily and make it more difficult to fight parasites like Giardia, hookworm, Coccidia, etc. If your puppy experiences loose stools or diarrhea but is not lethargic and does not have other health issues, please be sure to mention this to your licensed veterinarian during your first veterinarian-check.
If this dog develops crippling hip dysplasia at any time from purchase to two years of age (confirmed by X-rays from a competent licensed veterinarian and confirmed by the OFA), the dog should be returned to us at the expense of the buyer. We will replace the dog (due to crippling dysplasia) as soon as possible with a replacement of equal value to the dog at the time of original purchase. We reserve the right to request the x-rays and full medical records be sent first for review to a board-certified veterinary radiologist or other veterinarian of our choice. Should the buyer prefer to retain said dog, the buyer thereby forfeits any replacement, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. This guarantee is null and void if Penn-Hip procedure has been used at any time during life of dog.

Our Puppy Health Guarantee is to the original owner of the puppy and is not transferable to a new owner. If any Vom Sudenberg dog is resold or gifted to another home at any point, our Puppy Health Guarantee is no longer in effect.

No further guarantee is made. Purchase price of $_____________ is mutually acknowledged. Buyer represents that he/she is buying this dog primarily as a personal or family companion even though the dog may have show quality structure. Buyer understands dog is not guaranteed for show or breeding. All sales are final and down payments/deposits and/or other payments are non-refundable. The entire agreement between the parties is contained herein. In the event of a dispute, New York will have jurisdiction over the matter in Yates County under the laws of the State of New York. I have read the above condition of sale. I understand and agree to all the conditions of sale as indicated by my signature below. BUYER SIGNATURE_______________________________________ DATE___________ BUYER’S NAME__________________________________ PHONE_________________ ADDRESS____________________________________ EMAIL_______________________ CITY______________________________ STATE________ ZIP_______________________ Medical Record: (May be attached or sent with dog)

SELLER SIGNATURE (OR AGENT) _____________________________________________

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